The Book

“One of the year's few must-reads.”

- Paul Little, North & South


When Hope Paterson plunges into a construction hole at her local mall and saves a child from drowning, she believes it is a sign from God. Maybe her marriage, her relationship with her daughter - even her diet - will be revitalized. Days later a car crashes outside Hope's office. The young passenger is dead, but the driver has mysteriously disappeared, leaving just her clothes. Then her daughter calls unexpectedly. She is weeping. Kids floated up through the roof in calculus class, their faces glowing with unearthly light. She sobs: "Mom, it's the Rapture."

"The Rapture?" thinks Hope, "on a Monday?"

The world ends; the world carries on. The Dalai Lama is seen floating above a duplex, laughing uproariously. Angry mobs torch churches. Flagellants whip themselves, hoping to earn God's grace. The hot new reality show is called "Are YOU the Anti-Christ?" The Dow surges. As anarchy descends, Hope must fight for those she loved so poorly, and then for herself.